Meny Lukk

New fundraising

It’s been 16 months since Marie mysteriously disappeared from the beach in Sedgefield, South Africa. 

Now, as a family, we have appointed a lawyer for Anne Kroken, and we have hired private investigator Carl Petter Endresen (Pro Risk as)

In this connection, the family has started a new fundraiser to pay this private investigator, so that we as a family get help to find out what happened to Marie.

There are several ways to support the fundraise:

From abroad / debit/credit card:

>> Visit

** we are thankful for your donation to this fundraise. We need it to pay our private investigator. **

>> Bank transfer


Account number: 1506.08.19367


IBAN: NO0215060819367


>> Vipps (only Norway)

Vipps number Get Marie Home is 521343